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Quad Cities is a region in the North Eastern Illinois and South Western Iowa along the Mississippi river. Major cities in the Quad Cities include Moline, Rock Island, Bettendorf, and Davenport. Greater Quad Cities region is famous for the overall business and economic opportunities.

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QC region is home to many Fortune 500 companies and manufacturing units. Rock Island Arsenal is a major military facility in the Quad Cities. The area is home to qualified labor force and unlimited work. Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce is a centralized effort to coordinate the development in the area.

Six counties in two states make the Quad Cities a major destination for many. Colleges, hospitals, schools, museums, cultural centers, and entertainment events are abundant in the QC. Several economic incentives are available for setting up businesses in the Quad Cities.

Quad Cities Roofing Opportunities

Quad Cities is a growing market for construction and home improvement. Established companies for new construction and home improvement work including roofing are growing due to the improved real estate in the area.

QC Roofers are specialists in the roofing industry with professional roofing installation skills and certifications.

Quad Cities Roofer

The neeed for skilled tradesmen is on the rise and there are training and internship opportunities for beginners.


Roofing industry in the Quad Cities has continuous market due to the large number of residential and commercial buildings in the area. Roofers are high in demand by roofing and home improvement companies.

QC Roofers work on a contract basis and are paid hourly. The wages range from $15 to $55 depending on the experience and project in the Quad Cities. Large roofing companies are able to provide 401K, health insurance, and paid leave for their roofers if hired on a permanent position.

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Working as per directions and timings is a required skill for roofers. Reaching the work site on time, wearing appropriate shoes and clothing, occupational safety, handling emergencies, and so on are expected. Nailing with a hammer is the basic skill required for a roofer.

Maintaining the job site and taking care of the lawn, patio, or any other exterior property is required. Removing the nails and all related trash is expected from the QC Roofers.

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QC Roofers work independently or as a group. It is a common practice for the roofers to work for a company and take up own projects as well. However, business ethics and long term relationships must be kept in mind before undertaking projects. Constant training and networking aid QC Roofers in career development.

Other required skills for QC Roofer include:

  • Ability to work with hammer and nailer
  • Working on heights and sloped surfaces
  • Long hours standing, bending, and kneeling
  • Lifting weights and working with a safety harness
  • Ability to carry tools on to the roof
  • Carrying the shingles and other components on the roof surface
  • Knowledge of shingle installation
  • Fast application of material
  • Working in extreme weathers including cold, wind, and high temperatures
  • Following city rules while applying the eave protection, underlayment, roof starter, gutter, hip and ridge shingles, and so on
  • Familiarity with roof ventilation and solar roofing
  • Working under loud conditions
  • Group work and coordination with other roofers

QC Roofers must be familiar with Single-ply roofing, Built-up roofing, Torch Applied Roofing, and other roofing types.

Roof tear off, applying flashings, sheathing, gutter installation, and so on are some other jobs of a roofer. Metal roofs, flat roofs, solar roofs, and other installations are common in the Quad Cities.


Most roofers start off as a trainee or take up a family business. Special training and certification lets them gain more knowledge about the basics and insights of the roof system installation. Roofing is a comprehensive work and the roofers gain expertise with each installation.

Quad Cities Government Project Roofers
Quad Cities Residential Roofers

Special certifications are available for QC Roofers who want to proceed as Roof inspectors or roofing contractors. Foreman training is available for roofers with four years or more work experience.

Licensing and permits may be required from Illinois and Iowa to operate in the Quad Cities.

Federal roofing projects in the Quad Cities such as the Rock Island Arsenal require additional background verification. Local cities require appropriate bonding and insurance proof before granting permits. QC Roofers also acquire other related licensing such as commercial roofing or industrial roofing.

Manufacturers such as IKO, CertainTeed, GAF, OwensCorning, and others do require roofers to acquire special training and certifications from them. This will ensure product knowledge and proper application of the material. Certain warranties are applicable only if applied by a certified roofer.


QC Roofer Olde Town Roofing

Olde Town Roofing is one of the largest roofing and home improvement companies in the Quad Cities. They take up the high profile roofing jobs in the area and accomplish them successfully. As a family owned business, integrity, quality installations, and customer service are some of the top priorities of Olde Town Roofing. Excellence and perfection in all projects has put Olde Town Roofing as the first and repeated choice for many customers and businesses in the Quad Cities.

Sean Vogler, owner of Olde Town Roofing, has decades of expertise in business and management and led their team as a successful roofing company. Olde Town Roofing works on different kinds of roofing projects including residential, commercial, industrial, and government. QC Roofers can be assured of constant work and pay with Olde Town Roofing.

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